Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Local awesomeness: review of Oliloli

When we lived in Manhattan, there was place I took Ranger to for painting ceramics. I was sad to lose that activity when we moved, but now we have it again through a new local business, Oliloli. Usually they are closed on Monday, but they open when schools close, so Ranger and I had a mommy/son activity while E and the baby stayed home.

Right away I felt welcomed into the airy and well lit store. (That is my red bag on the table).

Ranger picked out a dinosaur and I picked a small vase. One big difference between Oliloli and the store in Manhattan (Make Meaning) is Oliloli charges per piece but does not appear to have a charge for being there. If I recall the Manhattan prices correctly, the prices are about the same otherwise.

We had a nice time and I really want to take advantage of their punch card; I saw several things I would love to paint. Plus, I would love to try the glass fusion craft!

Oliloli takes credit cards (I loved the iPad check out process!) and for two pieces of decent size, we spent around $35. We were there under an hour, and even this was more than my three year old's attention span. I let him play with my phone while I completed the projects. Also available to help younger artists stay occupied while others in their group craft is a large chalkboard wall, and plenty of crayons, paint, and paper.

The only thing that might be annoying is there isn't a lot of transportation options to get there. You can take a bus (I know the Q23 stops nearby) or walk or drive. If you drive be aware you will need quarters and that you are limited to four quarters (one hour) at a time.


  1. I too live in the area, and I just passed by. It definitely looks like a great place. Can't wait to go in and check it out. Thanks for the review!


  2. There is plaster craft painting place on Metropolitan Ave- Plaster Party Place. It's much more affordable and you get to take the pieces the same day. Very friendly and nice and they have a variety of pieces. My daughter loves it!

  3. I have seen the Plaster Party Place but haven't been. I should go! It is awesome that our neighborhood has so many choices!


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