Tuesday, January 29, 2013

some people do this all the time

This week I am flying solo. E is on a business trip (which we still call TDY even though we've been out of active duty longer than we were in).

I am counting the hours until he comes home.

I tried telling myself that it's only a few extra hours a day by myself. But those hours are the dinner, bath, bed, and cleanup hours and holy guacamole it's a real slog.  It's not that the routine itself is challenging. And Ranger has been awesome about getting through the routine with minimal whining, pleading, or stalling.

The bigger problem has come from the little buddy (LB). LB is right on schedule for the so called sleep regression...except he never stopped waking up at 0130, 0330, 0530, so I guess regression isn't exactly the most _____ word.

Needless to say I'm TIRED.  See that blank spot in the previous paragraph? There is a word I want to use and have suddenly found myself unable to spell it. I can't even get close enough for the computer to guess. I AM THAT TIRED! I had to look up the spelling of the word "color" twice in one week. I was trying "collor" "cular" "culer" SERIOUSLY!

Thankfully there is this wonderful thing called caffeine. But since I don't take in caffeine in the later hours of the day, my rear is dragging by the time I need to figure out what's for dinner (to help, I make a list on the fridge with the meals I have stuff for and the expri dates when applicable).

I was going somewhere with all of this. I usually have an awesome tag team partner to share all of these things with AND he is only going to be gone until the end of the week. Some people don't have that extra person, and some people are missing their second half for much longer than a week. So kudos to the single parents out there, both those permanently single and those temporarily single. You rock.

PS. Trying out a new handle for the baby. Since I call him little buddy all the time (what's wrong little buddy? Hey little buddy!) I thought I'd try LB.

PPS. the word is accurate! I remembered it was spelled with "cc" and not spelled "acuret" or "acorate" or "acurait" BUT I'll just leave that line blank so you can see just how fried my brain is.

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