Monday, April 15, 2013

Just Call Me Miss Ann Thrope


Sometimes I really dislike people.

You know what makes me want to pack up my life and move to the middle of no where?

What really gets my ire up is the people who look at what happened in Boston and immediately want to incite fear (They have a suspect and he is a FOREIGNER!- later proved wrong wrong wrong). The ignorance, the pompous egos, the inability to behave in civil society; the people who are trying to make this into some political stage.

Even a blogger I respected (past tense intentional) made this about the government spending its time taking away guns instead of protecting people from terrorist acts.

It boggles my mind.


Seriously you think an act of cowardice like this could be avoided if no one was talking about weapons?

Some people need to get their heads out of their tuckus.

You know what would be more helpful? If the people hired to figure out the tough stuff we face as a nation pulled on their big boy and girl panties, stopped acting like preteen drama queens, and actually did their jobs. And yes, that means compromises. That means trying to meet in the middle instead of trying to win political points.

There are times when I stumble suddenly into a reft in my world of at least semi sensible people, and find myself looking around wondering just how it is we live in a country full of such willful ignorance and unabashed hate. Usually this sudden view of insensibility comes when I read comments for articles on current events or Facebook posts or YouTube videos or twitter or Reddit.

When this happens I suddenly feel like our country has no possible hope going forward progress wise- there are just too many of these walking, talking, typing bags of thoughtless sound bites.

My heart goes out to Boston. But now I have to tune it all out, because some stupidity always leaks through when you try to stay informed.

If you need me I will be over there playing Bejewled and words with friends or making my sons laugh.

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