Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A surprise trip to Roosevelt Island and Tantrum math

Today I surprised Ranger with a subway ride to Roosevelt Island to take the Tram.
He was super excited to ride the subway and did his happy feet dance when we arrived at the Tram waiting area.
He was one happy little boy!

The moment he started doing the happy dance, I felt the chill of foreshadowing.

In denial I suppose, I still had hope. Maybe we could walk along the water, see some boats, and head home before the train got packed for rush hour traffic.

(He was doing this for less than five minutes when some lady concern troll came over to tell me how dangerous it was to let him anywhere near the railing.)

When we lived on Roosevelt Island - and I can't believe we've lived in NYC long enough to make that experience seem a long time ago- the park at the southern tip was not open. I was really wowed by what they've done.

Normally when I give a ten minute warning Ranger listens pretty well when it is time to go. Not today.

Lately I have had more trouble with departing certain locations.

When we went to the zoo, Ranger could not be convinced the rollercoster was not yet finished and threw a fit leaving.

Leaving his grandparent's house has involved bodily carrying him out and wrestling him into his car seat.

In both of those situations I could get him buckled into his carseat and be on our way. Because we took the subway, I had opted to carry LB in the baby carrier and use a backpack for a diaper bag- we were operating sans stroller.

Which means that I couldn't strap Ranger into a seat AND I couldn't carry him. Today I was the mom practically dragging a crying child down the sidewalk. I stopped walking when ever he would try the "dead weight" tactic, but otherwise kept a steady pace to the subway. Once on the F train he quieted to a fake whine cry that was low enough to not bother people.

While we were on our cool down "mommy I need a break from you!" at home I came to the realization that there is tantrum math:

Which lead me to come up with the desire to go/extraction difficulty chart

At this point I think the pictures are there to remind me why the hassle was worth it.

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