Tuesday, August 6, 2013

App review: doodlecast

Recently we have discovered several new apps that have me and Ranger super excited! Rather than make a wall of text with lists, I am going to try to do a review for each one.

The idea behind this app is that a blank screen (for drawing) is intimidating. With a simple prompt, children get a jump start.

My favorite part is the automatic voice record. Perhaps I am alone in finding my son's imagination entertaining, but capturing his little voice as we draw is the stuff that fills my heart.

I saved one video to give you an idea of how cool this app is:
(Having some trouble embedding- please click. You can also find several other reviews by searing "Doodlecast")

If you are on pintrest- you can follow my app board to find other neat apps (or find other people's app board collections).

Ps: I did not receive any compensation for this post. As always, I just found something cool I want to share!

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