Friday, August 30, 2013

App review: Mo on the Go

We are huge Mo Willems fans so I was super excited to find this app. So far the game Pigeon's dream drive is our favorite, so it is the only one I have video of...for some reason (probably sleep deprivation) I can't figure out why my blogging app won't embed the video. If you don't want to click, basically you draw a bus route for the bus to pick up ducklings.

The monster maker game is our second favorite. You can do a random combination, or move each block until you get what you want. Then press the lightening button and watch what happens next!

The dance game is just a matter of picking three dances for elephant and three for piggie.

Sticker pictures allow you to take a picture and then add your favorite Mo characters to the photo.

Squillems is a drawing game where you're given a starter doodle line to jump-start your creativity.

My one and only complaint about this app is it switches from requiring landscape to is a small complaint that is probably unique to me. Maybe I am lazy, maybe Ranger is lazy, but we tend to not want to flip the position so often.

We highly recommend this app!

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