Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Knock Knock

Practically every night my loving husband teases me about telling him a "bedtime story" even though he knows it drives me bonkers. So last night I surprised him with a bedtime story, told on the fly. Here is what I recall of it:

Once apon a time there was a little boy who loved fish. Big fish, little fish, he loved fish. One day he asked his mom if he could get a fish. She said yes and they went to the store and got a 15 cent goldfish and a $3 bowl and went home. They put water in the bowl and put the fish in the bowl and looked at the fish.

It needs a name the mom said to her little boy.

The boy looked at the fish and said well it's orange and white so I should give it a name that fits...let's name it Knock Knock.

Soon Knock Knock and the boy did everything together. They took walks*, watched TV, played computer games - though mostly Knock Knock just watched.

Then one day the little boy graduated from his grade. Knock Knock was sad he couldn't go, but when everyone came home for cake, they gave Knock Knock a few extra flakes of food and he was happy. The end.

At about the point that I named the fish Knock Knock, Loving Husband was chortling softly. Then he started to chuckle. So much so that I lost my train of thought and had to have the kid graduate from his grade.

*I saw a man walking a fish once. I think he was walking his fish- he had a fish bowl full of water with plastic wrap covering and was walking across the street away from Bloomingdales. I drew a picture of it:

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  1. My Loving husband has just suggested that we get two more cats and name them Knock Knock and Who's there. Imagining us walking around the appartment calling out their names... I giggled loud enough that I had to talk to my coworker to explain myself.


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