Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So good it should be illegal!

I took one bite of this brownie-marshmellowy goodness

and thought to myself

Holy crap this is so good it should be illegal!

But since my coworkers and I don't actually know each other*, I am stuck sharing my amazement with you, Internet.
Have you ever eaten something that was so good you nearly melted with delight?

* I could go all day without saying more than "Good morning" to the person sitting right next to me in my office area. And the people sitting in other offices? I could go all day without even saying "Good morning". I drew a picture of this, exaggerated for effect.

One day everything connected to the net went down. We all stood around talking about the last time we'd actually talked to each other (fire evacuation a few months before I was hired). I hadn't realized how little chit-chat there was until we were forced to interact.

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