Saturday, February 21, 2009

Delayed packages

For Christmas I was going to send my dad a painting of a cardinal. He loves to bird watch, and there is a particular cardinal in his yard that he enjoys seeing. Dad can come across as a grumpy old man, so it's fun to see him get excited about birds of all things.

But, the package never got sent, and I needed to have sent it ahead of time to my mom, who would have gotten it framed for me, so it would have been a nicer present than just a painting of a bird, even if I did the painting.

So, I figured his birthday was coming up, and it's not a huge birthday, so a small gift would be perfect. I could send just the painting. I even carried it with me to work one day. Needless to say, for his birthday he's getting some cookies from King Arthur Flour, my all time favorite baking store.

Why is it so hard to send a package?

Well, first, there isn't a Fedex/Kinkos or Postoffice on my way to or from work. I'd have to GO OUT OF MY WAY to get it done. The Horror! On the day I carried it with me to work, it was the last possible day I could have sent it and it arrive on time, and I really thought I'd be able to pop out during lunch and walk the six or so blocks to a Fedex/Kinkos. Ha! I've been so busy at work, I don't even get to eat away from the desk.*
So, maybe the painting will work for father's day....

*Actually, I always eat at my desk- but normally I'm looking at the news and other important stuff like news and other news but never anything personal like email, blogger, or facebook. Of late I've actually been getting work done while I eat-albeit slowly because it's hard to click the mouse with a fork in hand and it's harder to eat with my left hand, and between bites I tend to lose which line in Excel I'm working on or which dataset I'm downloading (was that the 07 male 3rd year population or the 06 male 3 year population, or had I started on females)...


  1. I'm trying to learn how to eat with both hands just so I can do so while surfing the internet without having to switch back and forth all the time! Ok, not really, but it has crossed my mind!

  2. I especially hate it when I accidentally get grease on my mouse. Since I don't normally eat greasy foods, it's not often. I'm amazed that I haven't spilled something on the laptop keys...
    knock wood!


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