Friday, February 20, 2009

Cat(s) demanding attention

Hi every body, welcome to Friday.

This picture manages to capture Loki in all his mischievousness. He's been especially mischievous of late because *gasp* we're paying more attention to his brother Thor.

Loki doesn't know that we gather in the bathroom without him to collect a tiny little blood sample to track Thor's blood sugar. He just knows he's left out. He's tried on a few occasions to sneak in...

He doesn't know that when we are giving Thor extra attention in the morning and in the evening, we're rewarding him for sitting so calmly for his insulin shot. (We'll not need to be so lavish after Thor's used to the shots). This morning Loki jumped right up to investigate while I was still prepping Thor ("There's a good boy, look at all this lovely loose skin back here, I'm just going to pull it up and wiggle it a bit, there we go, you're being so good"). Poor Loki doesn't understand why he gets shoo'd away.

I've been giving him extra love, but he's the kind of cat who, if you are giving his brother attention, you must at least simultaneously give him attention.

I think these cats are trying to prep us for kids, to tell you the truth. If we can handle a diabetic cat, a hyperactive cat, and all of their gooey icky messes (the diabetic cat food has been disrupting things a bit)...if we can live with a cat who Yeowls loudly for extended stretches of time outside the bedroom door at 330am, 430am, 545am, and then ignores you when you get up at 645am (until you start paying attention to his brother, that is)...if we can put up with that....

At least we'll have had some experience in dealing with such things (not to say that any of that is equal to what a baby brings- I would never suggest that).


  1. I'm a new reader of your blog and thought I should say hello! Loki sounds like one of our cats who meows loudly the minute we fall asleep if she didn't get enough attention during the day.

  2. I never knew cats could be so loud and obnoxious until I got Loki. Right from the start he was a yeowler. Cats are such fun!


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