Sunday, June 20, 2010


Y'all, I had the Best Idea the other day.

Granted, nothing is likely to come of it, given what I don't know/don't have.
So here's the set up: I'm walking past the main toy store in the neighbor hood, and next to that is the kid activity place (arts/crafts/music/dance/martial arts/cooking), and on the other side of the toy store is an empty store front.

Ok, next thought: so all y'all who have been preggers, what is the number one clothing complaint? That there are no comfortable pants!

If I knew how to do what all the clothes designers haven't figured out (how to make pants that don't start to slip down and other annoying things) AND if I had something like a million dollars, I'd totally lease that space (location! location! location!) to set up a specialty maternity boutique.  In all of Manhattan, there are very very few places to go to buy maternity clothing (I griped about this a lot, because destination motherhood was at times quite annoying with their loud music and pushy pitches for parenting magazine or some thing or another).

I spent a lot of time Friday thinking about this idea, imagining what I would call it, how it would look, etc.

I don't think I would really enjoy being in retail - but it was fun to imagine.