Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot and cranky

Hi all. It's been rather hot and humid in these here parts of late, and let me tell you, it just saps the energy and civility right outa ya.  I think yesterday I managed to insult/snap at/whine to just about every one I came into contact with. There also may have been tears a time or two when we were running late and couldn't find our destination.

We went to Queens to look at a neighborhood. I only wish someone had knocked sense into us, as our plan was rather ambitious given the temperature (we planned an all day series of walking and exploring before heading to a Father's day dinner).  I had managed to lose the number for the real estate guy so I couldn't call to get directions or tell him we were running late.  Both E and I had some difficulty figuring out the Zipcar's features (how the back opened), I managed to leave EVERY bag containing diapers in the car (after viewing the place we took a walk, but I had thought we'd be in and out and back to the car). And at the end of the day I smacked my head on the stupid trunk thingy that hatchbacks have, so I look like a Harry Potter wanna be.

On the up side, we liked the neighborhood. The place we saw was well below our top price we'd pay, and was frankly perfect.  It's not something we'd start bidding on now, given that our lease doesn't end until December. But it gives us an idea of what our money can buy in that area, and how the real estate is doing there (the real estate people didn't even show up- just sent us to an open house manned by the owner).  We're only in the first stages of looking, and there is a lot to do. We've never had to deal with a Co-Op before, which is pretty much the only option in the neighborhood we like.  You basically have to research the Co-Op's finances and other things I don't yet fully understand. Thankfully we have some experts to help us through it all (yay for family!).  Lots to do yet on that front.

And the heat goes on...

Stay cool y'all.