Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random photos

Frequently when I'm walking around with Ranger I capture images of things to put out here, but obviously I haven't gotten around to that until now.

First, a map. It's the bus route map- there is a separate subway map.

 Most of the big stores in the city have more than one level. For places with shopping carts, there is an escalator just for the shopping cart.

There was another sign that specified that children should not be in the cart when it is on the cart escalator.

I left them there- figured some little tot would come along and feel like the richest tot on the block.

Columbus Circle
ooooooh, look at the water!

This store is a cheese company AND it sells antiques.  I've heard of diversification but this?

This is one of the most dangerous intersections I come in contact with.  I don't know if you can see the walk sign, but it's lit up- pedestrians have been given the go... but what's that? The truck is in the crosswalk? For some insane reason, traffic going north is allowed to turn left onto this west bound street. Ordinarily not such a bad thing, but the Northbound lanes must cross something like three Southbound lanes, so often the vehicle are hanging out in the median waiting (aka committed). When the light turns they all go across, pedestrians beware!

This next one reminds me of a song. It was one of those repetitive annoying songs- Star Trek was it's subject. There was one verse that went, "It's life, Jim, but not as we know it,  not as we know it..."

If you are too busy when walking around, you might miss some of the little touches. These gargoyles always catch my eye.

Empty playground! Turns out 9am is a great time to get the playground all to ourselves.

This is a steep hill that is part of the "children's lawn" (yes, there is a sign designating it as such).  The kids run up the hill and roll down.  It's something I would have done as a kid- but would never do as an adult (grown ups don't roll as well). In the winter it's a popular sledding hill (the park staff put hay bales around those concrete pillars).

Baby geese! 'nough said

An abandoned book

This building hosts three congregations: it's own, a Jewish one, and a Presbyterian one.  Since the Jewish congregation is the one we belong to, I know that in a city with limited space and tons of people, having an extra building that is available on your Sabbath day is a good deal (the Jewish congregation shares its building too).  I figured the Presbyterian one had a similar deal, but later came across their original building.

I'm not sure if the sign means they needed it to be made a landmark to be able to stay or what.