Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mystic CT

We had a lovely Sunday drive today. We got ourselves a zipcar- a nice BMW that frankly is even nicer when you don't own it. (get it, zipcar, zipped?) out of Manhattan on the Westside Hwy, over the something or other, past the Bronx, onto some road, and then onto 95N (why, yes, I was the navigator- thankfully my husband is a saint and puts up with my wonderful navigation skills). After stopping at a service stop for breakfast, we took the scenic route, using the Boston Post road, which is old US Highway 1. That was fun. We drove through several cute little towns, and it felt at times as though we had the road to ourselves.

Without any trouble, we found Mystic SeaPort, where in the summer they have shops and recreations of old historical things that interest my husband to no end. It's still too cold for such things, so those attractions are closed. We did have a lovely time at two of the exhibits available. One was about some guy who did something pertaining to getting his ship caught in ice and whaling and documenting the Inuit life when he wasn't whaling. That was pretty cool. I read about how to make an igloo, and saw how one would make a whole complex of igloos. Did you know the temperature inside an igloo is just over freezing? I guess when it's -18 out, 32 degrees feels rather warm!

The second exhibit we went to was entirely about the American relationship with waterways. From immigrants to slaves to refugees, from transportation to entertainment, the exhibit cataloged all the ways in which we have, over the course of our history, relied upon waterways. Probably when you read that discription, you're thinking, BORING but believe me, we spent a good 45 minutes and didn't even get past the first floor. By then we were starving and since we weren't going to have anything other than Mystic Pizza for lunch (and wouldn't risk a snack ruining our appetites), we decided the other floor(s) could be saved for another day.

I only took one picture while we where at Mystic SeaPort, though the potential is there for some great shots. I was too cold to stand around finding the best lighting etc.

Mystic Pizza is easy to find, and we got a seat almost right away. There are tv screens showing the movie non-stop, and of course plenty of Merch to take home. We got an apron to hang next to our pizza peel.

We ordered their special. The large proved to be too much for us, but the small would have been too small. At least they gave us a box of Mystic Pizza mints.

And of this picture, can I just say, that jacket that I'm wearing? It totally adds three sizes to my torso. Just so you know. It's all padding.

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