Monday, March 23, 2009


Sometimes you need a little boost. A pick-me-up. A shot to the ego or your confidence.
You've been there, I'm sure.

This weekend I made a batch of cake bites. I wasn't going to. I didn't feel like it. Frankly, I was lacking inertia this weekend. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who encouraged me to do things. Like get the trim my haircut needs (it's a short cut so needs frequent trims). He also encouraged me to make the cake bites for the Shiva call we were doing on Sunday.

So, I made the cake bites. I wrapped them in individual candy bags and used silver twisty ties to close the bags. We stopped at the store and got a nice gift bag and I put the cake bites in the bag.

When we got to the party Shiva gathering, I was dismayed to see tables of lovely food and fruit and cookies already out. I was sure what I brought, homemade as it was, would pale in comparison.

The host was delighted. He called for his wife, who came and took a quick glance...smiled really big, and exclaimed "Bakerella!" She and I hit it off immediately.

Every one LOVED my cake bites. Devil Food's cake with chocolate frosting dipped in chocolate- what's not to like? I fielded so many questions on how I'd made the cake bites!
I am not one for so much attention, but I needed it- I needed the boost.

And I am sure that the hostess plans to make her own batch now that she knows it's not too hard (plus, her three year old would love mushing the frosting and the cake together!)

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