Saturday, March 21, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes, when you've been working hard and you feel rundown and burnt out, it's nice to stop and appreciate the simple pleasures around you. I have been working hard, I do feel tired and rundown so I am taking this opportunity to enjoy these little gifts:
1. Sleeping in on the weekends
2. Going to FairWay for breakfast (yum, pancakes)
3. Generic brand items
4. Silence in our apartment
5. Cats curled up next to me in the bed while I wait for my headache to go away
6. Tylenol
7. Blogs I read and the stories they tell and recipes they post
8. Farmer's markets
9. Having a washer and dryer in the apartment
10. Getting groceries from Freshdirect
11. Facebook -ever since both of my brothers and my mom joined if feel more connected to my family than ever.
12 Warmish spring day with plenty of sunshine

I hope you're enjoying your weekend- and if you work on Saturdays, I hope the days that are your weekend are lovely. I am going give myself permission to live in the now and enjoy these simple pleasures.

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