Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Friday

Ok, it's not just yet Friday- I'm writing this Thursday night because I know what tomorrow looks like.
First, there is our Friday morning tradition- Friday Morning Starbucks (FMS). With our hectic schedules, sometimes FMS is the only time we really get to sit down and talk. This of course means getting up 30 minutes earlier but it's worth it. I KNOW what tomorrow's workload looks like. I will be up to my eyeballs in Excel charts and macros (a macro is like a program). It's monotonous, tedious, hard work that is crucial. I take comfort in knowing that we are all of us on my team working very hard right now.

At the end of the day, E and I are taking the train/subway out to visit with his grandmother. She lives in Queens. I take the subway and E takes the Long Island Rail Road. He gets his hair cut at place that cut his grandfather's hair and cuts his father's hair. Of course the real reason we go out is to visit E's grandma, if it weren't for her E'd get his hair cut here in Manhattan. The train ride back will be something like 20 minutes to Penn Station and two stops from there to our local subway stop. I imagine we'll be walking in the door somewhere around 2300 11pm.

For your entertainment and amusement, as part of my Friday Art Visual Emphasis, I offer you some pictures. One is of a blood orange. E likes these a lot. I am ambivalent, but having just brushed my teeth opted to take a picture of its red-purple pulp instead of eating my chosen slice. The second picture- I'll let you guess. It's E's new toy.
Have a wonderful, lovely, spring like weekend!

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