Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do you ever?

Do you ever fantasize about doing something really interesting and risky and maybe even something that you wouldn't really do but that's fun to imagine doing?

The other day E pointed out that one of the buildings in our complex had a space for a small cafe/restaurant available. I was intrigued. I told him, if I had a million dollars
(which prompted him to sing the song of that title) I would totally open a bakery/cafe there.

There's nothing serving that purpose within three blocks (which in NYC is a lot of space to have no coffee shop/cafe). I would serve affordable but good coffee and tea, something you would like to drink but it wouldn't be $3 for a small. The baked goods would be made on site early in the morning so that when you walked in you would immediately smell the bread and yummy things baking. The chairs would be comfy, the tables interesting (unmatched, unique)- it would be like the authentic coffee shop that Starbucks was trying to recreate. There are plenty of cupcake bakeries in the area, so I wouldn't do too much cupcakes/cakes, but would offer other sweats. And it wouldn't be the same thing every day. It would depend on what was available and what the baker felt like.

any how, I wouldn't really want to have a cafe, because that's a hard life. You don't get any days off and it's so expensive to start up and you lose money the first so many years...
but if I had a million dollars...

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  1. I think like this all the time. Like this past weekend, I went to see a movie at this old dollar theater. It's pretty run down, but they play movies that aren't being shown in theaters anymore and for a buck or two it can't be beat.

    Whenever I go there, I think I wish I was rich so I could open up an amazing theater and still only charge a couple of bucks. And I bet I'd make bank 'cause who would ever go to another full-price theater ever again?

    It's fun to imagine...


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