Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do good to you day

I got a complete physical today. Of course that puts me rather behind in my work here at BIG INC, but it's important to get that kind of preventative care.

So, I am declaring today a "do something good for yourself" day. Been meaning to exercise? Go take a walk in the park. Trying to lose weight? Skip the cupcakes in the staff room and get more veggies at lunch. Feeling burned out? Perhaps a romantic dinner for two is in order (or a nice, long, relaxing, hot soak in the tub).

What is it you've been putting off because- even though you know it's good for you- it's hard to find the time/energy/motivation to do it?

For this one day, find the time/energy/motivation.
If it was for your kid, your spouse, even your pet, you'd take care of them. Why not take care of yourself the same way?

Go on.

You're worth it.

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