Thursday, March 5, 2009

Clowns in the subway

Turns out that my immediate boss here at BIG INC is afraid terrified of clowns.

Twice in her life time she has seen clowns driving. Like, in the car next to her on the road (they actually let them out! she whispered). For the record, we did ask 1. was it just one clown or a bunch of them? 2. were you driving around the circus parking lot? and 3. were they happy clowns or sad clowns? Turns out the sad clowns are THE WORST. Since she doesn't drive now (she lives in Brooklyn) she doesn't have to worry about clowns on the road.

So, being helpful people we are, we asked her what she would do if she was on the subway and a clown got on the car she was in.

First we had to establish that statistically speaking, it could happen- we had to factor in prime clown commuting hours, during which she was unlikely to be in the subway. Then we had to factor in the number of people riding the subways and the probability that one of them would be wearing his clown outfit on the way to a weird office party.

Once we arrived at the probability of it happening, she looked at us in all seriousness and said:

They don't explain what kind of emergency would necessitate pulling the emergency cords, but it has to be clowns, right?

I was laughing so hard - imagining something sort of like in Harry Potter, except instead of Troll it would be clown: CLOWN! There's a CLOWN in the subway!


Even writing this I had to compose myself twice- I'm likely to giggle more about this later.

The funnier part? I inherited a clown suit from my biological father, who was a Shriner and did his clowning at the burn hospital mostly. My step mom still has that outfit, but it's mine when I want it. Put that with the fact that I can make balloon animals (actually, I think I'm down to just the dog, because it's a use or lose talent), and the whole thing is even funnier. Too bad we don't get dressed up for Halloween here. giggle.

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