Monday, March 2, 2009

Cold and wet

One thing you gotta say about living and working in the city- it's nice not to have to drive in the snow/ice covered roads. We took the shuttle bus right from our building to the subway, and then for most of the way to work we were underground. My ten block walk from Grand Central wasn't the most fun part of the day but it wasn't bad. I didn't even slip, and I was certainly smart enough to stand well away from the curb so I wouldn't get splashed. I watched one guy get "surprised" twice on the same corner by splatter.

I didn't do much this weekend. I tried to will my cold to go away, I am after all, rather stubborn. Sometimes I'm accused of being stubborn just for the sake of maintaining my stubborn personality. Of course this accusation is usually made when I'm most definitely not being stubborn, but how to counter without sounding stubborn, I haven't figured out.

Since I did have a cold I spent most of my time reading on my new kindle 2. I gotta say, I like it. I read Twilight and the next two books and half of the fourth. I really enjoyed the book Twilight, and even started re-reading it before I decided to go to sleep Saturday. Then Saturday night I dreamed the entire plot and did not feel a need to re-read it when I woke up. I might do some re-reading this weekend.

I hope you are all warm and dry today. And if anyone is looking for a second hand cold, I'm willing to give mine away. It's not too shabby, and helps you accomplish a lot of reading if you take it for the weekend.

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