Tuesday, March 3, 2009

super* human powers

I always wanted super human powers. What kid doesn't?
But what if each of us has a super human power? And by super, I mean super*.
* because it's wonderful, not because you've been bitten by a radioactive spider
If this were the case, I can be sure that we each have super* human powers.

There was a time when my super* human power was cleaning and organizing the fridge for my mom. I stunk at cleaning and organizing anything else, but for some reason, I was the very best at cleaning and organizing our fridge (according to my mom, who seems to have read Tom Sawyer's fence painting scene). Sometimes I did it without being asked, just because I thought to myself, hey, the fridge is getting a little dirty and smelly and could use a little help. This super* human power never really lapsed, it was somewhat dormant for a while, probably because there was little need for such massive cleanings. Then, when my MIL's fridge randomly died and she proclaimed her fear of approaching the fridge and its spoils, my super* human powers pounced into action. Theresa Saves the Day (film at eleven).

Another super* human power I seem to have is reading with speed. I didn't realize this was a unique facet of my life until people began exclaiming in disbelief when I would casually mention having started and finished that 800 page book over the weekend. For a while I took great pride in casually mentioning such feats of literary splendor. Oh, that book? I finished it the day I got it, would you like to borrow it? Then I became aware of how uncomfortable this, my super* power, made people and I began to carefully edit myself: Oh, that book? I just finished it, would you like to borrow it? or perhaps I would wait a week and offer to share it now that I was finished. Now, unfortunately for me this reading with speed super* power only provides vague memories- I couldn't provide you with many details of the books I read this weekend, for instance, beyond the basic plot outlines and themes, perhaps the character's names. My husband, he can read quickly and remember details. THAT is a super* power! (Actually, his super* power is remembering details about everything he takes in).

We all have some super* power. My MIL is a great event planer. This I would say is her super* power- she knows not only how to get these things done beautifully, but also the social interaction aspects (who should be invited to save feelings from being hurt and the other protocal type things one must keep in mind). My FIL has a super* power in the courtroom that I haven't seen but have certainly heard of. My parents- well, I am their biggest fans and listing just one super* power for each would be rather hard for me. My older brother's super* power involves putting things together. My younger brother's super* power is his charisma. I think my Brother-in-law's super* power is going with the flow, but I'm just getting the opportunity to know him well enough to figure out his powers.

Take a moment to think- what's your super* power?

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