Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Two things really quick, then I have to get back to work.

If you haven't visited NYC and don't know, the subway has these Emergency exit doors that you're not supposed to use except for, of course, Emergencies. BUT, the turn styles can be packed with people coming into the system while you're trying to get out. I am too much of a rule-follower to do this, but a lot of people use the Emergency exit to get out, setting off the alarm. Also, if you're pushing a stroller you're supposed to ask permission to open the door (I'm not sure how you get in to the subway if you're pushing a stroller). Any way, where I'm going with this is, you're not supposed to just open that door, but you'd think if you got in trouble for something so many people did, you wouldn't get put in jail.

I have a real problem with people getting themselves into bad situations, and then crying about it to a jury and then getting money. I am scared to death of the edge of the platform, and don't have any sympathy for people who get themselves hammered and stumble in. It sucks that you got hurt, you're lucky you lived, but I shouldn't have to have my metro fare hiked because the MTA has to pay out $7 mil to you. The jury was thinking that the train operator had plenty of time to stop, so maybe I'm being a little quick to judge and all. Instead of keeping themselves open for these drunk dimwhits to sue for millions, maybe they should put up some sort of edging so you couldn't fall in (I remember one person had a seizure and fell in and was rescued).

Ok, back to work for me.

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