Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy _______

For those of you who celebrate Easter- happy Easter!

For those of you who celebrate Passover- happy Passover! (Only a few more days of eating Matza)

For those of you who celebrate neither- happy Spring!

I sure love spring. I'd love it if today were warmer by about ten degrees (47 is still a bit too cold for my perfect vision of spring). But, the flowers are blooming on all the trees and birds are singing...

Speaking of birds and flowering trees, I made a painting of a cardinal yesterday. I have a winter cardinal, too- which I'll add below this one since I can't remember if I showed it to you or not. I am sending both to my father. It always tickles me how much a 71 yr old Vietnam Marine vet (with 5 purple hearts) can delight in watching the birds in his yard! He likes to keep his image gruff and tough- and yet there he is putting out bird seed and grabbing the binoculars to spot the touch of red in the branches.

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