Friday, April 10, 2009

It's a Good Friday

So, another busy day on my end.
Just in case you're not having a great Good Friday, I'm including a sketch of my latest "masterpiece." (even though it has nothing to do with Good Friday).
It was inspired by the fact that we can see directly into several people's homes from our apartment. One of our neighbors ALWAYS has their tv on. 3pm? Yup, it's on. 3am? yup, on. From Family guy to movies with steamy sex scenes, these people are tv addicts. So then I started thinking about views into other people's homes, and that led to its natural conclusion...

In case you left your magnifying glass at home, the text at the bottom says:

This is a lovely three bedroom apartment. Let me go in and make sure the curtains are closed dog is in its cage while you two look at the brochure. Pay special attention to the new appliances and the low renting price.

You have to read the sign in the window to get it.

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