Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I love Easter sales.

I have refrained, however, from buying my weight it on-sale Cadbury Creme eggs.

Because that would be wrong hard to store that many Cadbury Creme eggs in our little apartment.

I also managed to turn away from the Robin's Eggs (just love those malted chocolate eggs) and the peeps and all the other sugary treats now half off.

I did not manage to walk away from this cute little wind up chick. He's been hiding behind my hand lotion all day. I think the Excel formulas were overwhelming him.

Quick- think fast! What is the literary term for giving inanimate objects human emotions?
That one was too easy, huh?


  1. I confess. I hit the half-off sale on Monday. I came home with two bags of assorted Easter chocolate which I immediately shoved at The Husband and said HIDE THESE.

    They're under our bed. I snuck out a small box of Robin Eggs to bring to work today.

    I have a problem.

  2. He didn't do a great job of hiding them if you know they're under the bed! My mom used to hide chocolates in old oatmeal containers. And ice cream bars in old frozen lasagna boxes. It was years before we caught on, and only because my father decided he wanted oatmeal for breakfast one day, and was surprised to find a cache of chocolates instead of rolled oats...

    mmmm. Robin Eggs are SO good.

  3. Oh my gosh, that story about your mom is so funny! I was at my mom's for breakfast on Sunday and found a stash of Robin Eggs in a flour canister. Those are her favorites. They ARE so good and way too easy to eat!

  4. Drat, my flour canister is clear! Sounds like your mother and my mother both know where to hide to good stuff.


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