Monday, June 8, 2009

Grrr. Monday

I like my job here at BIG INC, I really do. I like the people I work with, I like challenge, the learning, everything really.

But come Sunday night, I'm always a little sad to see the weekend end, and come Monday morning, my first thought is...I wonder if I could call in *sick* today?

I don't, of course, call in sick. I save sick days for when I am well and truly sick.

We have such lovely weekends, I guess it's just hard to go back to waking up to an alarm and going to work.

This weekend we went for a picnic in Central Park- we found an idyllic spot near Strawberry Fields that was tucked away from any crowds and shaded nicely. We ate PB&J sandwiches, read, and played ball with our new Velcro ball and paddle set. I didn't even loose the ball this time. After our picnic, we went home and rested before playing Super Mario Galaxy- a new game on the Wii. Followed by Mario Cart- my favorite so far. THEN later in the evening we saw UP! in 3D. That was loads of fun (though at times the movie is a little sad) (and if you're afraid of heights the last quarter of the movie as seen in 3D might be a little much). On our way home we stopped at Arte Cafe for some wonderful sidewalk dinning. And all this was just Saturday! Even with all these awesome things, we still had relax time- I reread one book and read a chapter in my new book (Taking Baby Home).
Sunday wasn't quite as full, though we did take the subway to 23rd st and hit the Shake Shack that's down there in the park. I have some pictures that I'll post eventually. We were going to walk around after that, but I ran out of energy and it started getting hot, so we headed home in a cab and spent the rest of the day happily hanging out, playing Wii, doing laundry, resting. I reread another book. Or two.
So is it any wonder that when we're getting into bed on Sunday night, I'm a little sad that all the fun is ending?

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  1. And that's why I LOVE staying home. I don't miss my old job AT ALL, but knowing what that was, I also know you so completely understand. :) Though, I will also be the first to state I work harder now than ever. LOL You'll see. Just remember, multiply times THREE. :) LOL


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