Friday, June 12, 2009

Sidewalk art- sorta

There are a lot of icky things on the sidewalks, but not as much as I once thought there would be.

Sometimes I see things laying on the sidewalk that strike me as interesting. I think these were bottle caps -I know they're not marbles, even though the cell phone quality picture sorta makes it look like marbles.

I sometimes pass by a "No standing" sign that is laying on the sidewalk- I keep thinking I should take a picture of it with a caption, "NYC is so strict about enforcing its signage, that even the signage has to obey."
I pass by a bus stop sign, complete with all the bus numbers, also laying on the sidewalk; usually people are standing nearby, waiting for one of those buses.

Sometimes I see things like personal items- a baby's sock or pacifier or toy.

Perhaps I'll start taking pictures of these things - with my G9 so the pics are clear- and then make a 'found on the sidewalk' series...

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you have an interesting (but relaxing) weekend!

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