Thursday, June 11, 2009

Buying for parents

Buying gifts for parents is so hard! What could they possibly want that they couldn't go out and get if they wanted to?

There's only so many gift giving occasions in a row you can give a gift card. There are only so many photo holders you can give without them piling up in a corner somewhere, making you feel bad for getting some thing that is now a dust collector. And, making it harder for us is our parents birthdays/Anniversaries are all lumped between February and June, and in that same time frame there's both mother's and father's day. That's eight potential gift buying occasions in a six month period!

You can't just run out an buy the first thing you see, either. At least we can't- our parents don't exactly collect bricker-brack or tee shirts or hats. I've sent baked goods from King Arthur Flour several times, but like photo holders and gift cards, it gets predictable and boring and old quickly.

If anyone out there has some awesome Father's day ideas, we're running short on ideas and time;I'd love to hear what you've got. Otherwise our Father's day gift might be a T shirt that says: my children went shopping and all I got was this boring shirt.

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  1. Try They have some awesome, interesting gifts. It's not knick knack or kids store stuff, either. It's NICE stuff that's just a little indulgent. Like a homemade battery flashlight that recharges itself when you shake it (Little Bit has that from Uncle Big Bad). Or a 60 second charcoal starter that heats up the charcoal with a really hot blast of hot air. Anyway, it's a really REALLY neat store.

    Hope that helps.


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