Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pop chips

Today I tried these new fangled chips that are popped and not baked or fried. The package said they sent the potatoes to basic training in July... hehe just kidding, they said they apply heat and pressure (same thing as basic training in TX in July) and then the chips POP (happens to some people in basic, too, only with much less desirable results).

I have to say, these chips are pretty delish. I even got the plain old boring old fashioned ones (not salt and vinegar or bbq). I like them even better than the Kettle brand chips.


  1. Brother's All Natural makes a freeze-dried potato chip. They're "different" but tasty and super healthy. I love chips! (Seriously, top 5 favorite foods.)

  2. Hmm...I haven't tried those. Now, I just might have to, though I must admit, I do NOT like Kettle chips or corn. shrug.


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