Saturday, August 29, 2009

Computer frustration and peanut butter cookies

Well, my home computer is still on the fritz (note to self, look up etymology of the phrase "on the fritz").

So far we have defragged my computer using Piriform Defraggler and cleaned it using CCleaner.

I decided to buy a back up external storage device since this was happening (reminded me that I want to back up my stuff) and it came with 6 months free of McAfee protection, antivirus and all the fun stuff. That didn't turn up anything. Neither did the free AVG I had prior to installing the McAfee suite.

I cannot open anything from my desktop. At all. Most drop downs do not work, especially if they are in a web page. Links for entering a site, accepting the info, moving to the next page are all a fail if I click on it, but I can use tab and enter and that works, as do my keyboard shortcuts for opening a new tab or getting to my documents etc. A link to a website is fine. Go figure.

I also uploaded any updates for my operating system and browser.

Which reminds me.

I hate Vista.

On the up side, I've learned to use more of my keyboard short cuts, which comes in handy especially at work. And the internet still works. But this is still super frustrating. There's no evidence of what could be causing this.


Oh well. There's always Peanut Butter Cookies.

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  1. You may have to just start the whole thing over from scratch. We've had to do that before. It's annoying to reload everything, but it works.


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