Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting away from the city

It took us three hours by train from Penn Station to get to Amagansett (I think that's how it's spelled). It was a packed train, so we grabbed seats that were in an area that ordinarily wouldn't be used. The seats folded up against the wall when not in use. They were not the most comfortable seats, and as you can imagine for someone 6 months preggers, it wasn't the most comfy ride around. However, we were right next to the bathroom, which made me feel better- if I am no where near a bathroom, I'll have to go every five minutes. Of course, the drawback was that the bathroom door had a broken lock, so myself and this lady visiting from Australia were helping people out by letting others know when someone was using the bathroom (it's embarrassing to have someone walk in on you, and embarrassing to be the one doing the walking in).
The ride wasn't horrible though. I think I prefer the Jittney, which is a bus service that is four times as expensive as the train. E doesn't like the bus though. We're driving on our way back, taking the spare car back to Great Neck. I'm actually looking forward to that (which is a surprise because I am panic prone in the car- if they made short term sedatives I would totally sign up for them, when not preggers of course).
Sometimes the hardest part of a trip is getting out of the city. And back in.
It's so quiet out here I heard the crickets. And last night I saw the big dipper. I do like it out here (though I feel it's much more fun when we're out here by ourselves setting our own schedule). I'd like to try to come back out in October, when the normal summer crowd is gone. If we do come back out in October, we'll take a Zip car and load our bikes up in the back. We want to store them out here for next year- the road riding around here is so much better than in the city. It doesn't have to be warm to enjoy the solitude of the beach.
Hope you are all having a very lovely Labor day weekend. I have limited access to the net while I'm here (My in-laws have a very weak wireless signal that seems to only work randomly and only in certain spots in the apartment).
I am expecting a VERY busy month of September, so y'all don't worry if you don't see updates from me as often as usual.

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