Sunday, November 29, 2009

If I had a million dollars

I like the song from the subject line. I even have a Pandora radio station for that song.
It does get me to thinking, if I had that much, what would I do?

There was a time when I thought it would be awesome to own a quaint little book store- but that time has long passed. There was a time I thought it would be cool to have a bakery/cafe, but again that time passed (and very quickly- being a business owner is very hard, especially in the food business).

The practical part of me would want to put the money into good financially responsible thingies.... stocks or bonds or CDs or whatever. (This assumes that whatever debt exists is taken care of already).

But what would I do if I didn't need to worry about being financially responsible?

Is there anything material I want that would cost that much? I guess a house could, especially if it was here in the city.

Maybe I would pay for a vacation - pay for my family to go along, too. That would be fun to do.

I'd probably want to donate some of it, but there are so many great charities out there!

I'd get some clothing I suppose. I have some shoes that will need replacing soon (wait, that's sorta being responsible).

What about you? what would you do with a guilt free, debt free, responsibility free million?

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