Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Riding the M5

I had a doctor's appointment today, and thought I'd share the scenic part of my ride home. As for the check up- no real change. So probably we'll get through Thanksgiving without ending up in labor and delivery.

I like the M5's southern route because it takes a road along the water and the parks. Most of the trees have lost their leaves, but there are still some lovely colors out there. And even without their leaves, the trees are beautiful. When I moved here, I honestly was sure that NYC didn't have trees except those in Central Park. But what I've learned is that there are many parks dedicated to green spaces, and trees are also throughout the city in sidewalks.

I just love the advertisement for the Muppets.

I saw the yellows of the tree, then I saw the top of some monument. I've ridden this bus route several times, and never saw the monument. Granted, most of those times it was dark out.

This is on Riverside dr and 88th. I don't know what war it is a monument to, but it is a war memorial.

I could tell because of the cannons. I made a point to remember the cross street so we could check it out on foot sometime. Notice the dad with his baby stroller. Very nice place to walk or sit.

At the corner where the M5 turns on to 72nd, there is this statue. The base has Theodor Roosevelt written on it.

As the bus turned, I spotted this little brownstone. Whenever I see a little home bracketed like this by larger buildings, I think it's so cute. It also reminds me of a movie. I can't remember exactly which one. I'm thinking it was one of the "Herbie" movies, but it might have been "Batteries not included" where the protagonists save the home from big developers and the end of the movie shows the little home sitting happily between larger buildings.

My stop is the very next stop, so by this point I've pressed the "stop requested" button and have gathered my things to make sure I'm not leaving anything on the bus. It's a quick few blocks to home, and usually I make a stop at the CVS for something, because there's always something. Plus, I keep thinking that the new Trident Layered gum that they advertise near the door will be in stock. Those ads are working so well, the gum is never there.

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