Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The search

What with the CDC and everyone saying how vital it is for pregnant women to get that H1N1 vaccine, it has been surprisingly hard to actually FIND someone with the vaccine. My high risk specialist OB practice doesn't have it, much to their continuing embarrassment. Finally I sat down and devoted an hour of my time to searching for SOMEONE, any one who might have it. I am not concerned for me- but if I don't get it before Ranger comes, he wont be protected.

It took three or four internet sites and around 6...maybe even 7 phone calls to find someone who hadn't run out. So, E and I are headed there tonight with hopes that I will actually get a vaccine.
I'm making E come because I don't know that neighborhood and based on the conversation with the nurse I'd say it would be good to know Spanish (E does know enough to communicate).

Wish me luck. And if I grow a snout and start rolling in the mud, I'll be sure to have E take pictures.

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