Monday, November 9, 2009

Things that caught my eye today

(aka the post in which I realized after I'd taken crappy phone pictures that I was actually carrying my G9 and felt pretty stupid for not using THAT to get these shots).

So I'm waiting for the bus this morning, and notice that they have FINALLY updated the advertisement (the old one was for something that happened in July).

When I saw what it was, I had to snap a quick picture. So, I know you're not in NYC Stephanie, but this made me think of you! How many days until the official release of this movie?

Ok, so this next one is a movie shoot or maybe a TV shoot. First, it's dark out, THEN they have all these lights bouncing light everywhere. AND there's a ton of people standing around and I have no idea if any of these people were actually actors/actresses because I totally don't really watch tv but I didn't want to look foolish taking a picture so I snapped very quickly and thus the blurry image.

Inside the dinner there were all these people sitting VERY still. The sign on the door said "closed for the day" so I'm betting they'd been in position a long time.

A few blocks down, I found the accompanying trailers. It makes me wonder, do the people who live right there look out their window and think, Yay! Movie/TV stars! or do they look out and think, great, big ol' trucks blocking the traffic and parking on my street.

Lastly, I stopped at CVS on my way home. I needed some granola bars for my book bag. Of course the fact that I'd spotted on another occasion some chocolate covered cherries might have had a little bit of influence on my needing granola bars....

But here's the thing (yes, blurry picture, I know I know)

Does anyone else find $2.63 for Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries ridiculous? I seem to remember picking them up for $.99 in other places I've lived.

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  1. I love a walking tour. Thank you. I think one cannot put a price on chocolate-covered cherries.


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