Sunday, November 8, 2009

Holiday shopping

So, we're trying to get our holiday shopping done early, what with my entering the 9th and most unpredictable month of this pregnancy. I did get our holiday cards (and on sale) but gifts...they're so much harder!

I figure for the soon to be grandparents, picture frames with grandma or grandpa on it would be perfect.

I've checked out uncommon goods for ideas for other people and also my other usual haunt for gifts.

But I'm coming up blank.

Probably because my brain is stuck on a loop of "do I have bringing home baby stuff? do I have enough of the things we'll need in that first hectic week? Is that a normal pain I feel or should I raise a concern?" You know, normal first time mom thought patterns.

We don't have much time for Hanukkah gifts since it starts on the 12th this year. Our Christmas gifts of course we have more time to think over, but not all that much more because all of those require time for shipping.

Do you have a favorite website to go for good gift ideas? Something cool and unique and not too pricey? Or do you go hand made? Or does your family have a different kind of gift tradition (such as donating to charities in the receiver's name)?

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  1. Have you thought about checking out Etsy? There are sooooooooo many cool things for sale from so many different sellers. Unique stuff! :)


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