Thursday, December 10, 2009

City baby

The other day we took Ranger out for the first time. He was three days old. The nurses and doctor had said that we shouldn't hole up in our apartment, especially if the weather was nice. So, out we went.

We absolutely HAD to buy a box springs for our new bed frame. The old bed frame didn't at all need one, but the new one MOST CERTAINLY did (although the sales people had said it didn't really need one so we didn't get one before the new frame came and had three nights of sleep interrupted not only by baby but by discomfort- no wonder I was so willing to sleep on the couch those nights!).

So Ranger's first trip out was to Sleepy's. There is one located very near us- a short walk and we were there. Our first obstacle as city parents; Sleepy's was located on the second story and did not have an elevator. No problem! we said as I took the baby and E quickly collapsed the stroller to tote it upstairs. And really, it wasn't a problem (you probably thought I'd follow that last sentence with a BUT, right?). The folks at Sleepy's were wonderful, and we got exactly what we needed. Yay!

We stopped at Starbucks and got to go drinks. Some very helpful woman helped us re-swaddle Ranger, though swaddling is now second nature for me (E is still working on it), at the time we were rather clumsy on the technique.

New Yorkers continue to surprise me with how nice they are. You'd think by now I wouldn't be surprised, but I still am.

What really delighted me was seeing the baby sleep peacefully through four fire trucks in full siren and honk mode. It didn't phase our Ranger a bit. I guess what they say about sounds heard in the womb is true.

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  1. Aislinn once slept through the fire alarm going off...we're talking DEAFENING alarm blaring RIGHT outside her room. She never even moved.


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