Sunday, April 18, 2010

Accidental co-sleeper

So Ranger is teething (fun) and in a growth spurt (always hungry) so between the two he is somewhat demanding.  The last few days we've found ourselves in a position we had not intended to be in: co-sleeping. 

It started out simply enough- my left hand and wrist have painful tendinitis so in order to feed on that side I lay down.  If I do this at night usually I play solitaire on my phone, but of late have been so tired that I wake up some time later and wonder if I can move him without waking him up.  Last night I don't even remember making the decision to feed him laying down. Nor do I remember making the decision to feed him on the other side while laying down. This scares me because that put him on the outside of me, within rolling distance of the edge of the bed (he's not rolling back to front yet, but that will change soon). 

The whole thing scares me because I am by no means a stationary sleeper.  E is, for the most part....but I am just concerned that we could accidentally hurt Ranger.  (insert your most imaginative nightmare of accidental injury here).

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