Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy day

Ranger and I had quite the day today! We went to Central Park and met up with some moms from's Upper West Side mom group.  There must have been something like 20 moms there. It was great fun.

Well, getting there wasn't all that fun for either of us.  Ranger still has stroller aversion and screams whenever I put him in it. No way was I carrying him from 68th to 81st and over a few blocks into the park. But people kept staring and a few even asked if he was ok! *shaking my head with annoyance... he's not crying because his hat is covering his eyes...*

So I did expect the same thing on the way back. Apparently though, the entire thing had worn him out, because after crying the first five minutes (and dealing with a butinsky old lady) I picked him up and poof, just like that he was asleep. I carefully put him in the stroller (with the seat laying flat down) and made sure not to jossle him much.

We made it almost home before he woke up, and even then he was content to shop in the grocery store. Then he helped me make Pioneer Woman's Mac 'n Cheese (I wear him in the carrier all the time while I'm cooking- I'm just super careful when I'm near the heat or using sharp things). 

Tomorrow we have an open day.  It's forecast to be another lovely one, so I'm thinking Riverside Park (which is closer so I can use the carrier).

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