Monday, May 31, 2010

Lesson learned but rarely retained

Have you ever found a pair of shoes at the back of your closet, and thought, wow, these are great looking shoes, I wonder why I never wear them? But thirty minutes into wearing them you remember why- a pinch here, a rub there, a wobble at the slightest incline...

I had that experience this weekend, only not with shoes. 

Every now and then I convince myself that I want to get my nails done. Not just painted- I can do that myself if I want them painted- no, I decide I want extensions/acrylic. The rationale I seem to always come up with is that the fake nails are duller so I am less likely to scratch anyone by accident, and the fake ones are stronger so I'm not having to bandage up my fingers due to a nail split down to the quick.

So Sunday I tell E that I need a bit of "me" time, and ask if I could get my nails done (this fake nail stuff isn't cheap).  He readily agreed and off I went.

The thing is, even though the experience was relaxing and pleasant and all, I am dissatisfied with the results. Suddenly I am remembering how much I dislike having that nearly imperceptible weight added to my finger much I hate having to be aware of the nails while typing, cooking, adjusting the stroller seat.... And now I am remembering, too, what comes after these nails are removed (discoloration of the natural nail, weaker natural nail, plus there's the removal process, which usually involves soaking your fingers in nail polish remover).

Next time I get it in my head that getting my nails done is a good idea, someone stop me.