Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a quick trip

Yesterday Ranger and I took a quick trip to the zoo.  We took the M72 across town (I wore him in the Bjorn so there was no stroller to worry about). We got off with less than a block to walk to the Central Park Zoo. We have a membership (the gift that keeps giving!) and so popping into the zoo for an hour makes perfect sense.

Ranger was much more into the animals this time. His little legs and arms were pumping in excitement at each exhibit where an animal was in view. He was completely entranced by the penguins and their antics. One of them kept coming right on up to the viewing window- rather, crashing into it.  We even went to the children's zoo.  I paid two quarters (TWO!) for a half dozen pellets and let the Alpaca eat them one by one. All the while Ranger was practically dancing in delight. Oh how Ranger loved seeing the Alpaca so close!

I like the Central Park Zoo because it's totally something you can do for an hour. The Bronx Zoo is huge and it takes almost an hour just to get there (via the red line subway).  But I like the Bronx Zoo's staff treatment of members better.  Last time we were there, the staff made me feel so...IMPORTANT. The Central Park folks scrutinize the membership pass and then pass me along with little more than a word or two. The extra long look at my card and ID makes me feel a lot less so.

Still, it's the perfect thing to do when you're looking for something easy and not too taxing. Ranger and I caught the M72 back and still had most of the day for dinner prep and baby food prep...and a smoothie that wasn't quite sweet enough for my tastes but as a first attempt at making a smoothie was pretty good.