Tuesday, May 25, 2010

these shoes were made for walking

So I finally replaced my sneaks, they had a hole in them so it was past time. E really likes his MBT's so I went and got me a pair.  I figured, Ranger and I walk practically everywhere, sometimes I can add it all up to 4 miles in one day! If these shoes really do help tone things up, well, extra brownies for me! (ok, I realize that would defeat the purpose). 
What has surprised me is how shock absorbent they are. When I wore a different set of sneaks (ok, I admit, I grabbed the pair with the holes- I told myself I'd toss them, but keep putting it off), I immediately noticed a difference.
So, I do really like my new sneakers, though they do take some getting used to.  For instance, because the bottom curves, taking stairs quickly would be a really bad idea.
Now I just have to figure out how to survive these 90 degree days in jeans, because sneakers and Capri pants look plain odd, and none of my shorts fit yet (and I haven't found any in the stores I like, darn short-short fashions).