Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Children's Museum of Manhattan

We went to the Children's Museum yesterday. Ranger really liked it. I couldn't capture a smile because he was moving so much- but these to pictures are cute nonetheless.

The only complaint I had, which I think would be true of any place with children, is that the older kids on the floor (we were on the floor for 4 and under) were quite the hazard. The area I had Ranger playing was clearly for crawling and newly standing babies, but from time to time toddlers would come over and like any toddlers wouldn't consider Ranger in their very active play. I couldn't relax to enjoy him enjoying the area because I had to worry about him getting stepped on. *shrug* Like I said, probably the same story anywhere with young children.

This was a perfect hot day activity, and at only $10 for adults and under 12mo free, it wasn't a bad deal.

In other news, I'm seeing my folks and family on the 2nd and am so excited! Of course, first I have to get Ranger there by myself (E's meeting me there from his business trip).

I am now accepting tips for traveling on an airplane with an active 7mo.  It should be his normal nap time, but you know how it is.