Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Bronx

When you hear the phrase, "The Bronx" what goes through your mind?
Is it this:

If you're not sure what you're looking at- this is where I found Super Target the other day. *bliss*
The only complication was that I got excited when I saw the store and got off the elevated subway- but that station didn't have an elevator. I carried the stroller down, and somehow gave myself a little blood blister on my finger. Still, it couldn't have been easier to get to- I just took the 1 red line north to 225st.
If I had gotten off at 231, there would have been an elevator. But no worries- a lovely man (of indeterminate middle age age) immediately offered the carry the entire stroller up the stairs (I love the way people who speak Spanish call all moms Momie- there's a emphasis that I  just can't replicate in writing).

Today we went to the Bronx Zoo. This may not have been the brightest decision given that the heat index was hot enough to trigger some of NYC's emergency systems (I subscribe to Notify NYC, so I get emails for things like cooling centers have been opened around the city, and the FDR is closed for a bicycle ride).
I learned one really important thing about going to the Bronx Zoo: Get off at Pelham parkway- there is an elevator at that stop. All the instructions I've found direct you to a stop that has a LONG flight of stairs, down which I (for the second day in a row) carried the stroller.

I didn't take too many photos because it was just HOT.  And I just realized that the one picture that I really see, it was hot, and so I stripped Ranger down to his skivvies, and I don't want some buttinskies saying I've got  child p0rn on my blog.

 So here's my second favorite. I got him a shirt to replace the one he'd gotten wet with a combo of drool and formula that he spits out just for fun.  The shirt says, "My mommy's the best and I'm not lion" and he's sitting in a HUGE replica of a sea turtle shell.

And in non-Bronx related news...
I let Ranger roam all over the place now a days.  My hope is of course to wear him out.  Yesterday we stopped at a local playground and I let him loose on the hopscotch courts.
He didn't want to stay there for long...
"Bye mom- I'm going to check out that game over there with the orange ball and the hoop"

And I also rearranged the living room a lot little to give the little guy room to craw, and to block potential hazards with immovable objects (cords, litter boxes, glass vase stand with vase).  When E comes home from his business trip, I imagine he'll be surprised.