Thursday, June 24, 2010

New experience

Today Ranger and I had our first Bubbling Babies class at the JCC. He really likes water and I figured he'd love the class.  I am SUPER grateful for my in-laws helping us to pay for the class, because Ranger did indeed have a great time.

I was a little stressed to start though.  FIRST I didn't know where to go, and the security guy told me the 6th floor (and strollers have to stay in the lobby- so I was carrying Ranger and his main diaper bag and a bag for all our water stuff).  When the elevator stopped at the 6th floor, it was clear I really needed to be on the 5th floor.  When the elevator door opened on the 5th floor, I followed the sign that said I could access the pool. The door to the locker room (through which one accesses the pool) required a special card-key I didn't have. A member swiped hers to let me in. I roamed through the locker room and stopped in relief when I came across a mom and her baby. She had been buzzed by someone at the front desk, AND apparently they had baby swim caps to borrow as well. So, back out I went. I got a swim cap for Ranger (it was too big but the only size they had- I've since ordered one from Children's Latex Cap) and asked the guy to buzz me in. He said he would, but there I was, holding Ranger, wearing my swim suit and standing in the hall unable to get in. Thankfully another member came by.  Once I got to the pool (via the winding route through the locker room and up the stairs), all was well. Except I hadn't signed in. I didn't know I had to sign in with the life guard but he just asked who hadn't signed in and since there were only four babies it was easy to figure out.

The pool is the coolest thing! It has a floor that raises and lowers. So getting in was so easy, even holding Ranger- the water level was 2ft.  For the class they lowered the floor to 4ft.  Overall a nice experience and I look forward to a summer of classes.

But seriously, JCC, you've got to get it together on giving non members info (go to the 5th floor- stop at the desk, sign in with the lifeguard, etc). And the whole locked door thing? If you're going to let non members attend classes, it's not cool to make them feel unwelcome with doors they can't open. Just sayin'