Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Suddenly it's November! We were trying to make plans to get together with friends, and all our weeknights are booked through to mid month.  E has several business trips coming up and then there's Thanksgiving. We're moving out of this place on the 1st. Ranger's first birthday, Jewish holidays, Christmas and our Christmas time trip, the new year and finally moving in to the new place (floor plan below):

(The things in orange will eventually be new acquisitions). We're gaining about 400, maybe 500 square ft in this move. Yay! And Ranger will have his own space instead of sleeping in our dining nook.

But right now I feel a little like I am at the tippity top of a roller coaster's starting hill, able to see the coming, quick moving future.

Hold on tight. I think the ride is going to be wooden coaster bumpy with some modern coaster twists and turns.

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