Wednesday, November 3, 2010

win or lose

I am a horrible voter. Well, maybe not horrible since I do go vote, and I research the people instead of listening to the crap they put on as political ads. But when I get my ballot and look across the line at the four or five folks that are running for governor, I feel bad for the ones I know will lose. One guy was running under a party called "rent is too damn high" - you know he's not going to win. So I'm standing there about to bubble in my choice and thinking how it will feel for that guy, or the others. Especially the ones who have put tons of money, time, and emotional effort into the race. Too much empathy I guess. I bubble in my choice still, no empathy votes from me.

But after all the filth and venom, all the rants and accusations, how do those losers go back to their day jobs? Do they have day jobs? How can they make that shift?


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