Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to...a lady I've never met before

This morning while doing laundry in the building's laundry room I spotted a flier

It sounded sorta sweet so Ranger and I went upstairs and made a big card/small poster.

We went to her apartment just in time for cake. It was a little awkward because the only people there were the birthday girl herself (wearing a tiara of course) and her caregiver and the caregiver's family. Ranger started stuffing crackers in his mouth and was working his energy up to grab all the brickabrack, so we left pretty soon.

This is a lady who, at 100 years older than Ranger, has lived through both World Wars. She could probably tell you a thing or two about the Great Depression. It would be awesome to sit with her for a while and listen. Except that her speech is so shaky and soft I would spend most of my time saying, "WHAT?"

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