Monday, February 7, 2011

sew long

After unpacking 80% of our stuff, it's clear that I will need to give up on my fantasy of having a sewing machine and craft nook.  This place has a lot of space, and I COULD shove some things together. But neither of us wants this place to look more cluttered than it will inevitably be with a 14 month old. Plus I can't figure out how prevent Ranger from getting into That Which He Should Not Touch.

I am a little sad though, because I learned to sew from my mom. She and I used to make dresses together, and aprons and purses.  Logically I know that remembering what she taught me then will do nothing to change the situation we're in. Emotionally it's one more thing that will remain part of my childhood.


  1. Why not get one of those computer armoire things and put a sewing machine in it, instead, with baskets and jars in the nooks and crannies to hold your fabric, buttons, needles, etc. Then, when you're done, close it up, no one sees it, and a nice little child lock on the handles will do the trick. :) I actually have a pic in my sewing book...I have to send you that...

  2. I hate clutter... and feeling cramped. But Sweet Tater has a good suggestion. Do you have an Ikea? They have so many great storage solutions that look good and take up little space. Maybe it's worth a shot?


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